The 3-digit remote display is a system developed to provide real time indication of truck load weight in the heavy mining industry. It is designed for rugged outdoor operation and can be mounted on the exterior of large dump trucks, displaying the current load weight in tons for the mining shovel operator. This is necessary for maximizing the load onto the truck.

The display system is controlled serially and may be daisy-chained to minimize wiring. Each digit is 5.5" tall with an effective viewing angle of 40 degrees off axis. High intensity 2000mcd light emitting diodes yield over 200 foot-candles for excellent viewing even in sunny daytime lighting conditions. The serial interface supports a variety of speeds and protocols as well as individual addressing for special applications.

The solid state microcontroller based display system uses a serial port interface and operates from 24 volts DC with 0.5 amps with a maximum voltage up to 35V. The enclosure weighs 24 lbs and is NEMA-4 rated, measuring 16" x 14" x 6" with a LEXAN viewing window. It is guaranteed to operate from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. The circuitry is protected with a replaceable internal 3A Fast Blow fuse and an inline diode for polarity reversal. The signal input is RS-232 switch selectable baud rate and protocol 2.4 - 19.2kB, 7/8 bits, with ODD/EVEN/NONE parity. The switch can select 1 of 7 addresses in addition to broadcast mode.



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