The ILLUMIN8R is a solid state, high efficiency, direct current electronic lamp dimmer. It is a patented automotive system developed for use in recreational vehicles and conversion vans to control the brightness of interior lamps. Its main benefit is safety because it allows each lamp to be set to an illumination level that allows passengers to read or play while traveling without interfering with the driver's comfort and ability to see properly. The device can be used in any vehicle or watercraft that has a 12V DC interior lighting circuit. Other applications include controlling the speed of DC motors, metering DC pumps, and adjusting the temperature of electric hot wire cutters.

The single channel module is a stock item, but configurations of up to six individually controlled channels are available. The maximum aggregate load is 16 amps and the device operates with up to 97% efficiency. Each channel has its own control knob that replaces each switch in a conventional lighting circuit, so it allows for individual control of up to six lamps with only one installation. The device measures just 2.2" x 2.8" x 0.75", allowing it to be installed in small spaces.

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