The Scotty Mix Concrete Batch Controller is a full featured control system designed for ready mix concrete plants to ensure quick and consistent batching. It controls standard equipment and is simple to set up, operate, and repair. Plant setups and mix formulas can be stored in the system. To batch a load of concrete, the controller presents choices to the operator, and the operator can select a mix formula. Once the system ensures all materials are available, it begins simultaneously weighing all materials and then dispenses them into a truck. A backup manual control panel is included that can be operated whether or not the automatic control panel is online. Both panels are enclosed in rugged stainless steel boxes that protect the electronics from cement, liquid spills, and airborne dust, and are reliably built to work for years. The interface is easy to learn and requires no special knowledge to operate.

The system batches up to three cements, four aggregates, six admixtures, and water. It automatically controls three cement aerators, a cement hopper vibrator, and aggregate hopper vibrator, and an aggregate conveyor. Names can be stored for each material in the plant, active bins and bottles can be assigned a material name, and approximately 300 mix formulas can be stored in its memory. This information can be copied to an audio cassette tape for backup. The system keeps track of how much material is in the active bins and bottles and will notify the operator if the required amount of each material is not available. The system also features instantly adjustable ribbon feed control of cement and aggregate discharge into the truck, batch time trimming of water and admixtures, automatic freefall calculation on weighing, split weigh/feed cycles for large batches, compensation for moisture in aggregates, discharge sequencing, returned concrete, inventory recording, and automatic ticket printing with batch information for each truck.

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